Iranian Architecture & Urbanism follows a double blind peer-review policy, and the submitted articles will be published after three rounds of reviewing and editorial approval.The process of papers review and acceptance in the Iranian Journal of Architecture and Urbanism consists of three stages as follows:

In the first stage, the initial evaluation is conducted so that the papers comply with conditions and terms as well as the scientific goals of the journal. Then, the editorial board of the journal assesses the papers and in case of confirmation, papers will be sent to the second stage of review.

In the second stage, the specialty review is conducted by scientific reviewers. In this stage, first, the paper is reviewed by two specialized reviewers in the related field; and in case of confirmation by both reviewers, the paper will be accepted. An identical vote of two reviewers is required to determine the paper's assignment. If the reviewers disagree about the paper acceptance (one approves the paper and the other one rejects it), the paper will be sent to the third reviewer. Before sending it to the third reviewer, the author will be asked to make reformations requested by two previous reviewers on the paper, and then the edited version of the paper will be sent to the third reviewer. The third reviewer’s opinion determines the acceptance or rejection of the paper. In the case of approval by the first two reviewers or the third reviewer, the review will enter the third stage. 

In the third stage, after the final approval of editorial board, the paper can be published and the author is required to translate the final Persian copy of paper along with the all tables, their titles, graphs, and their titles as well as images in English and submit them along with other required documents for publication.


It must be mentioned that the authors can recommend two specialized reviewers at the time of submitting paper; however, the journal is free in choosing the recommended reviewers by the author. Anyhow, the name of the selected reviewers by the journal will not be revealed for the author.