Journal of Iranian Architecture and Urbanism(JIAU) charges the respected authors for reviewing, and publication of the scientific papers. Fees are received separately and at various stages (from initial copy submission to publication). The authors must pay 1.500.000 Rial for the initial evaluation after submitting the initial paper, and the receipt, as well as paper and other required documents, must be uploaded on the website. After the initial submission, in case of acceptance in each stage, the authors will be asked to pay the fee related to each stage. Payment processes and details of the fees are presented in the following table.


Payment steps




Submitted Manuscript


First stage

Editorial and Initial evaluation

1.500.000 IRR

Second Stage

Evaluation by reviewers

3.500.000 IRR

Third Stage

English Editing

10.000.000 IRR


Receiving DOI code


Total Fees

15.000.000 IRR


Note: For paying the fees, please go to the papers section in your profile and by clicking on the Paper’s code, enter another page and upload the receipt there.

Account Number: Tejarat Bank, Delavaran Branch, 114410888,

Credit Card Number: 5859837000372322


Considering the following notes is necessary:

Point 1. After receiving an email on the review fee payment, pay the charge and upload it in your own personal profile.

Point 2. The review fee of the rejected papers will not be refunded.